Terrariums are easy!

IMG_6165terraium112_2webMaterials needed:
1. Clean, clear, colorless glass container with or without a lid. Using a container with a wide mouth is easier to plant and maintain.
2. Potting soil (2-3 cups or about a 3 inch depth)
3. One cup 3/8” pebble or about 1 inch of pebble to cover the bottom of the container
4. One heaping tablespoon of charcoal (helps keep it smelling clean)
5. Miniature plants that are slow growing and tolerate low light and humidity
6. An ornament or accent if you like

Prepare the base: Sprinkle the pebbles into the container so it’s about 1 inch deep. Next sprinkle the charcoal evenly over the top. Add 2 to 3 inches of slightly moistened potting soil and gently tamp it down. Add plants: Design your space like a garden scene. Avoid damaging the root system by gently removing the plants from their pots. Plant at the same depth they were grown in their pots. Be sure not to crowd the plants against each other or the sides of your container. Water your terrarium: Add small amounts of water from a spray bottle (set at a course stream) or from a drinking straw. Do not over water the potting medium – it should be moist not wet. Avoid getting the foliage wet. Add a focal point: Provide additional interest by adding natural rocks, bark with lichen, seashells, a votive or any small interesting object you may have. Be creative! Maintain your terrarium: Place your terrarium where it can get some bright light near an east or west window but no direct sun. If you are working with an open terrarium you may need to water once a week. Look to see if the top of the soil is drying out. If your container is closed, it will need water less often. Open the lid every couple of weeks for half a day to air it out and then close it again. If condensation appears on the glass, no need to water. If not, give a slight watering. Now sit back and admire your mini-garden!