Pots of Color

Who doesn’t love a beautiful container garden? Here at Abide-A-While Garden Center, we are more than happy to provide our services to help you create beautiful custom arrangements, or take advantage of our Grab & Go Pots to instantly add a burst of color to your world!

Grab & Go Pots: We make it easy! Give as a gift or add instant beauty to your home or garden.

Custom Containers: We can help you choose a container from our large selection of glazed, terra cotta, lightweight faux containers, wire baskets and hayracks or you can bring us a container. Our staff has design experts to design and plant containers with exciting combinations appropriate to the season. We can take care of selecting the plants or we will work with you to determine the best combination. Our design experts planting staff is available Monday through Friday. During the busy spring months, we require 1-2 weeks lead time.


Plant Diagnosis and Treatment

Is your plant showing signs of stress? Bring us a live sample of your plant, a small section of the stem with leaves attached and the disease or insect visible. Our South Carolina Certified Horticulturalists can offer a diagnosis and suggestions for the best treatment. Contact us today to get in touch with our experts!

For specific product recommendations, or answers to additional questions you might have, please come by to speak with our sales staff or send us your questions at Ask the Expert.