Pots-of-Color: Waterlogged

waterlogged 002Anyone in the mood for plants that can handle wet feet? These plants are perfect for planting in wet locations and will tolerate sunnier spots if given adequate water. The tropical foliage in a blue container will make a bold statement in the landscape or on a patio. And with all the rain we have had you’ll find this container is easy and trouble-free.

The Container:
Cobalt Blue Barrel

The Plants:
1- 1 gal. Cyperus haspens, Dwarf Papyrus
1- 1 gal. Colocasia ‘Black Magic’, Black Elephant Ear
1- 4” Colocasia ‘Red-eyed Gecko’, Red-eyed Gecko Elephant Ear
1- 4” Lysimachia nummularia, Creeping Jenny
1- 1 gal. Carex ‘Evergold’,Variegated Sedge

Now bring on the rain…or maybe not?