Our Roots

With just $300 and a promise to give a friend some camellias for the use of some land, Bob and Suzanne Donaldson started selling plants and building gardening friendships that have now surpassed 60 years. The nursery was located on the outskirts of the town or as some called it “the country”. During the formative years of the early sixties when Mt. Pleasant was small, Bob generated money for the business doing landscaping and maintenance. Suzanne raised their three boys often seen with “one baby on her knee and one on her hip” while helping a customer. During the late sixties and early seventies as their reputation grew, the retail side of the business began to take off. Suzanne did garden club talks throughout the Lowcountry to promote the nursery. As the business grew, so did its offerings. Annuals and perennials, fountains and statuary, houseplants, shrubs and trees all began to sell well. The late seventies and early eighties created more opportunities for growth and expansion. Three landscape designers and two crews, a nursery manager, and lots of customers kept the nursery growing. The business had a solid reputation in the community and going strong.

Then on Sept. 21, 1989, Hurricane Hugo devastated the nursery and the Donaldson’s livelihood. Over the next three years with courage and determination, the Donaldson’s rebuilt their business with a new building and new greenhouses. The business gradually recovered during the nineties and proved to be the changing of the tide for Bob and Suzanne and the direction of their business. Bob’s son, Bruce and his wife Muffie had been instrumental in the post-Hugo renovations and were now making changes that would lead the business into new areas as the once sleepy town of Mt. Pleasant had become a diverse, upscale suburb of Charleston

Today as our business celebrates its 60th year, we give thanks to the many staff and customers who have helped our business grow and succeed. We are blessed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has given us the opportunity to beautify our world and to share the joy and personal rewards of gardening and landscaping with others.