March Gardening Tips

March: Now is the time to…

  • – Start planting spring annuals such as geraniums, petunias, begonias, impatiens, cosmos, dahlias, etc.
  • – Re-do winter containers and hanging baskets – make sure they have drain holes!
  • – Do not cut back foliage on bulbs until after they finish blooming, when the foliage turns yellow – they still need to produce food for next years growth/bloom
  • – Plant, Plant, Plant. Our selection is growing and many plants are back in stock after a winter hiatus.
  • – Cut back roses (not including climbers) and grasses if you have not already done so.
  • – Finish pruning shrubs and trees which bloom after June 1st.
  • – Apply Amaze to landscape beds to stop weed seeds from germinating. Do not apply product in areas where you desire seeds (perennials, annuals, veggies, etc.) to grow.
  • – Divide your daylilies, hostas, Shasta daisies, and coreopsis now.
  • – As plants begin to emerge from their winter slumber, prune back and clean-up dead leaves and stems.
  • – Fertilize all perennial beds now with Osmocote, Espoma Plant-tone, or Daniel’s organic fertilizer or fish emulsion.
  • – Add perennials to your garden, the selection is growing each week.
  • – Don’t be too anxious to move houseplants outdoors. A good chill can knock leaves off of tender houseplants.
  • – Houseplants can be watered more frequently with the onset of spring and new growth. Make sure each plant has proper drainage for the water.
  • – Resume fertilizer schedule for indoor plants. Never fertilize a plant on dry soil, and never fertilize a wilted plant. The fertilizer could burn roots that need water. It’s better to water the plants a couple of hours before fertilizing. We recommend using OSMOCOTE Outdoor/Indoor Plant Food or MIRACLE-GRO Water Soluble All-purpose Plant Food.
  • – Water lawns as needed, depending upon rainfall.
  • – If you have not already done so, apply Scott’s Halts pre-emergent, to control summer weeds.
  • – Mow winter weeds and collect them in the mower’s bag.
Herbs & Veggies
  • – Fertilize your perennial herbs. (rosemary, oregano, thyme)
  • – Start seed for your summer herbs. (basil, dill, parsley)