Decorate for the Season

wreath and bow2The first rule to know for decorating your home for the holidays is . . . well, really there are no rules.  You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.  For a grand presentation, remember to appeal to multiple senses – sight, sound, touch, and smell. Abide-A-While can help with the resources you may want to use to put together your home’s decorations.  A walk through our greenhouses and gift shop is sure to inspire lots of ideas.

Is your style more rustic, charming, and simple or does it lean towards traditional, elegant, and sophistication?  Perhaps you prefer contemporary, eclectic, or out of the ordinary? Shiny metallic or matte finishes? Do you favor traditional red, green, and gold or dare you deviate from the color norms? Will you choose a single seasonal theme, or do you display the spirit in a variety of ways?

Regardless of your style and preferences, live greenery always compliments. We have boxwood garland, cedar roping, douglas fir roping, mixed roping, and wreaths galore. Big wreaths. Little wreaths. Magnolia wreaths. Boxwood wreaths. Fir wreaths. Mixed wreaths. Round wreaths. Square wreath. Yes, just one size of the square wreath. We have cedar and berried juniper boughs, boxwood tips, and green and variegated berried holly tips. Use greenery as it is, or add your own adornments with a hot glue gun, floral pins, or floral wire.

Another option is artificial or preserved greenery. Again, you have lots to choose from at Abide-A-While: magnolia garland, juniper garland, fir garland, lighted garland, holly tips, juniper tips, preserved boxwood wreaths, and preserved boxwood orbs.

On to more décor…

Adornments galore.  Glittery ones, rustic ones, and quirky ones too, all of these you will find in our store.


Bountiful bows. Yes, we do.  We can create one just for you.

lit_star_rot_smlLighted stars and orbs, made from grapevine, add a certain c o o l factor to your décor. Hang them in all kinds of places – trees, windows, eaves, porches, or around the neck of your annoying brother. NO, don’t do that.  Put them in pots atop greenery or as accents on your mantle.

Traditional Christmas flowers, such as poinsettias, Christmas cactus, and amaryllis add color and living warmth. Ivy topiaries add elegance by your entranceway.

The scent of Thymes’ Frasier Fir, effusing from either their mist or candles, can coax a joyous spirit out of even the grumpiest Grinch.

Greet your guests’ dirty feet at the front door with a festive, holiday-themed coir mat.

Moss-covered trumpeting angels and prancing reindeer add a playful glee to your theme.

I hope this has provided some decorating ideas.  Last, but not least, remember the best adornment any person can add is a genuine smile and thankful heart to set the tone of the season.