Combination Containers: Bog in Blue, mosquitoes beware!

carnivore_container_adjCarnivorous plants, like the Pitcher Plant and Venus Flytrap planted in this container, are actually more appropriately called Insectivorous. This fascinating group of plants receives required nitrogen from insects that they trap and consume. They have evolved to survive, in fact thrive, in a poor growing medium of sand and sphagnum similar to that found in natural bogs. This container is actually a combination of containers, 1 large cobalt blue container with small containers placed within the created bog environment. The ferns require a richer medium than the pitcher plants and have therefore been planted in terracotta pots which are then sunken and hidden within the sphagnum moss. The addition of the lotus pod, rocks, and lichen coated bark adds to the natural look of this container.

The container: Cobalt Blue Asian Bowl (no drainage hole)

The Plants:
1- 1g. Carex ‘Evergold’, Variegated Sedge
1- 3” Sarracenia purpurea
2- 3” Dionaea muscipula, Venus Flytrap
1- 4” Arachniodes standishii, Upside Down Fern
1- 2” Dryopteris erythrosora, Autumn Fern